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Presents Suitable For Toddlers And Infants

When it comes to babies and kids, we only want to give them the best in everything since they’re vulnerable and sensitive, even when it comes to gifts. So it is best to know the appropriate toys and things we can give as presents for the little ones. The following are ideas for giving presents for little kids and babies.

For babies up to 11 months

During this stage, babies tend to grasp for anything. If you’re planning to give toy presents for babies during this stage, the most applicable are toys with bright colors and different shapes. Just be careful in choosing toys with small objects or material for they can be a choking hazard. Or better yet, just give presents that can be of big use to the baby. The best gift can be a baby girl or baby boy gift hampers Sydney. These hampers often include plush bears for infants, towels, and babies’ basic needs. It can often be customized too, so you can have the option on what to include in the gift basket. If you really want toys as presents, here are some of the best toy options; Squeeze toys, rattles, wind chimes, large colorful rings, stacking toys, baby blocks, wooden puzzles, teething toys, musical and interactive toys.

For infants 12 to 24 months

In this stage, infants were now able to walk, eat on their own and take fewer naps in a day, unlike the earlier stage. During this stage, babies tend to be very curious about everything. They like to get a hold of everything they see. They can also copy the sounds and the moves you make. The ideal presents for infants at this stage will be healthy baby snacks, walking shoes and sandals, and if you want an all in one present, baby gift hampers still are the best option as you can choose the items to be included in the basket. If you want to give toys as a present, it is ideal to find toys that are musically and educationally interactive to help them stimulate their young and developing brains. Some of the toys you can give as presents are wood blocks, shape sorters, push toys, mini Pianos and sets of sensory balls.

For 2 years older

At this stage, toddlers tend to be more energetic and alert. They will be more engaged in motor-related games such as hide and sick, run away, ball kicking and climbing. In this stage, their physical strength, language, and social skills will be best deployed so if you’re planning to give them toys as presents, the best one will be the items that will help them enhance their strength, mental alertness, language, and social skills. Best toys to give them are puzzles, construction toys, toy food, and books with illustrations, dollhouse, dolls to dress up and the like. When giving presents for kids and children, always remember the stages the kids are undergoing. In doing so, you will know what’s the best item to buy that will be helpful for their physical growth and intellectual progress.