What Is Real Estate Property

Rental properties

What is real estate property?

Real estate is property which includes any type of Land for e.g., shop, house, office, structure, roads, and buildings on rent and on sale.

There are 4 types of categories.

Commercial property: commercial property consists of building used for commercial activity or a building for commercial use. In rental properties business in Central Coast, there is higher level of commission on commercial sales.

Residential property: residential property is a building or a constructed house for people to live and it is not mostly used for commercial activities. Residential property can be any place used to live not work for example, villa, apartment, pant house, 1 room, and hostel.

Raw land:

In rental properties business, raw land is also a great way of easy money because its just a measured land for sale, prices are different according to the location. If the location is beautiful, the difference will be increased. Raw land can be used for residential and commercial both activities because its is not decided weather or not what to do, you can also farm.

Industrial land:

4th type is industrial land. Rental properties agents dreams to work like this. They get a huge commission because industries purchases more land for there factories and they also have high budget. Industrial land is for companies that have to build factory’s to produce there brand goods.

These are the types of lands a real estate property works for.

Is this a good business?

Real estate property manager property is a good business but before you decide to start with it, you need to know how does it works.

Rental properties business consists of two types of rules.

No 1. You can share your profit with the state agency by 50/50 with no monthly salary. No 2 you can ask for salary but as much your salary will be, you will have that much of goals for month and your profit sharing ratio from 50/50 will be decreased according to your salary for example you take salary and now ratio will be 30/70, 70% on your deal is of the agency. If you consider real estate property manager as your business, you can sit home for 6 moths after a good deal, or you’ll be working for 6 months without getting anything.


If you are planning to work in this field, there is no restrictions to work as a real estate agent. There is no specific age limit for this. Any age group and gender and every race people can work as a state agent if they want to. You just have to wait for the correct time for the first deal and then you’ll be all in the game. After the first deal, you’ll be motivated and an experienced real estate property agent. Please visit homepropertymanagement.net.au for more information.